Friday, January 10, 2014

Starting and finishing off the day with great food

Once in a while I have a craving for something really nice and sweet. The only sweet that can really satisfy me then is a really good baklava, with pistachios and honey. However, that is not always in supply. In any case, good baklava is pretty expensive. Moreover, something like baklava is OK as a dessert but not to start off the day, though people in the Mediterranean might object.

Since I decided to reduce my rice consumption to near-zero, I have been consuming lots of oats. Rolled oats, usually purchased at Costco. Pretty reasonably priced stuff. I'm not sure how you go about making your oats but I hit upon a method, with some help from the chef at the day care which my son attends. Its pretty straightforward - to the desired quantity of oats, add roughly twice the quantity of water. Add some brown sugar and a pinch or two of salt. To this, add a good dose of powdered cinnamon (hopefully you just powdered it just then). Now comes my own addition - add some powdered cloves. We have cloves that my wife purchased in 2002! It was a really big packet and we hardly used it until recently. Anyway, add the powdered cloves. To this, mash a banana or two. Hopefully, you've used a ceramic bowl or tupperware. If not, transfer it to one and cook in a microwave oven for about 6 or 7 minutes. What you get out is delightful bliss. But I'm about to make it even better. Add some yogurt to this - just plain, whole milk yogurt. It makes for a super creamy oaty breakfast.

OK, that is good for the morning. What about the evening dessert? Something equally healthy but not as heavy as oats. I hope you have yogurt, Greek yogurt, ricotta cheese, and cottage cheese in your refrigerator. You should also have walnuts and/or almonds. Some raisins wont be bad too. You certainly need to have good honey. Toast the walnuts in a toaster over for a few minutes. Four or five minutes. A few more minutes for almonds. In the mean time, take a scoop of each - yogurt, Greek yogurt, ricotta cheese, and cottage cheese - in a bowl. Drop your toasted walnuts/almonds into this. Ideally you should hear the sizzle as walnuts make contact with yogurt. Drizzle, or better still, pour honey onto this. Top it with raisins. Do I need to say what you should do next?

Happy eating!

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