Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Paid Ad in Wall Street Journal - 13 men and 1 woman!

As you turn the pages of Wall Street Journal, you are bound to find a page long ad which tries to look like something other than an ad. Most often, it is about a WSJ CEO conference in which a top WSJ journalist is interviewing some titan of Wall Street or CEO of a large company. Sometimes, you have ads for other things, like a feature about Russia, proclaiming bountiful opportunities. Or an ad by BP proclaiming its environmental record in the wake of Deepwater Horizon.

In any case, once in a while you come across something really interesting. A few months ago, I came across an ad for high performers in some company (I totally blank out the details). What stood out in that ad was that all of them were men. There was no woman at all. I found that rather surprising, even though it is well-known that the percentage of women drop as part of workforce as one climbs the ranks of management.

I came across one such ad in WSJ recently. It was a page long paid ad for a conference on economic prognostications for 2014. It was somehow related to Jim Cramer. Enough said, some of you may say. No, there is more, I retort. The ad, shown below is not as discriminatory because it contains one token woman, alongside thirteen other men. As I was sulking that this ad did not quite help prove my point about the make up of the finance industry, I realized this was even more precious. It turns out that the lone woman is Lynn Tilton, CEO of the appropriately named "Patriarch Partners!"

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