Friday, January 17, 2014

One scary aspect of free trade - there are others too

When you have free trade, some of the worst features of a country get exported. It is not always that only good things get exported. I am not talking of Hollywood trash or Miley Cyrus and things like that. Those get exported without any free trade deals. In the first senate hearing (in 2014) on granting trade promotion authority to the Obama administration, Sen. Orrin Hatch (R - Utah) brought up the issue of health care. Apparently the world health care market is approximately $6 trillion and can blossom to $8.5 trillion soon. Now, imagine if America actually succeeds in exporting its super costly, mostly painful, model of health care all over the world. Should we not be content with having discontent only among ourselves?

More seriously, I'm not sure how well US healthcare companies are really positioned for the global market. I should gather data/articles on this to substantiate my thesis that products from US healthcare companies are too costly for most developing nations. I've heard that some Japanese (maybe South Korean too) and European companies are better suited for this. Cheaper technology is the key. Anyway, my knowledge of medical devices industry is next to zero - so, what I say is worth as much.

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