Saturday, January 11, 2014

Another dessert to end the day with - Banackers

My sweet tooth forced me to conjure a new dessert a few days ago. We don't, usually, stock up on off-the shelf sweets. Apart from ricotta cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, and honey to make my other go-to dessert. On my way back from work, I had an epiphany about a dessert. I love bananas, especially when cooked with oats or in banana bread or cookies. Unfortunately, I'm not much of a baker. It requires attention to detail that I'm incapable of. Also, I hate using the kitchen oven to bake a puny little thing. Way too much waste of energy.

I decided to make banana cookies with Graham crackers. All you have to do is crush a few graham crackers. In fact, you don't want to remove them from their pouches - just crush them inside the pouch and then transfer the power to a tupperware or glass container. It should not be all powder. Add as many bananas as you wish - you should get a pretty sticky doughy paste when you mix the two. Usually, I add about 3 or 4 bananas to 2 or 3 pouches of Graham crackers (a pouch contains about 5 or 6 wafers). To this add a small amount of butter. Flatten this in your tupperware/glass container so that you have a layer about 0.5 inches thick. Cook it in a microwave oven for about 6 minutes.

What you get out is awesome banana cracker cookies. They are not hard or crumbly like cookies - a little moist in the inside, and maybe a little crusty or dry on the outside. After eating them, and getting to know what is in them, my son christened this "banacker," and so it shall be known, at least in our household.

I tried this in the traditional oven too (usual conditions - 350 F, 40 minutes, covered most of the time). While the entire layer was more uniformly cooked, it lacked the moistness of the output from the microwave oven. All a function of the time taken to cook. I prefer the microwave version. Also, its much faster.

Happy eating.

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